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Plumb & Punk

We are proud sponsors on Norwich gig night which will happen 8th September in Owl Sanctuary in Norwich city centre. You're all invited... read more

Quality domestic water filters from Aquafilter

Our offer has been extended with excellent quality domestic water filtration systems made by Aquafilter company based in Poland. 90% of their production is actually based in Europe and quality of their products is just stunning. Please check the range of filtration systems in our store. We can promise that you won't be disappointed about quality of their filters. We also offer replacement modules for their filters which you will also be able to find them in our water filters section. .. read more

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Returns extended to 30 days

Returns period extended now to 30 days, which will make your purchase even more safe. You still can enjoy our free shipping feature for all orders made on our website.. read more

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Soft soldering

Soft soldering is a popular way to connect copper pipes and its used for years, constantly developed and improved. This is a reliable way to connect pipes, if used by competent and professional installers. It consists in combining the connector and the tube by brazing at a temperature lower than the melting point of joined elements. The process used is a diffusion phenomenon (the interpenetration of the molecules joined elements and solder). The soldering surfaces should be clean and free of edges and surface of the pipe at the joint should be covered with the flux, which protects the connector and the pipe material from excessive oxidation. If the distance between the elements to be joined is less than 0.5 mm is a capillary brazing when it is greater than 0.5 mm is then soldering slo.. read more

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How to easily save £300 / year

According to statistics, every person - on average - consumes 125 litres of water a day. This means a yearly bill of about £600 for a family of four almost. But there is a simple way to reduce this pretty big bill. Tap aerator, is a small and inexpensive device mounted on the tip of the tap. It allows us to reduce water consumption from 20 to even 80 percent. Its principle of operation is quite simple. The special shape of the interior of aerator generates a vacuum which sucks the air. Then the water is mixed with air only and as such leaves the faucet spout. The effect of this action is to maintain the same strong stream of water, but at a much lower its consumption. You can buy the cheapest tap aerator for just under £4, the most expensive may cost up to £20, the.. read more

Kitchen tap aerator with start/stop button function - excellent, easy and cheap way to save water

This aerator is incredible, but simple in the same time. Working as normal water saving tap aerator, has got one more extra feature which is the magic button located in the centre of water flow outlet. This button will let you stop the water flow at any time by touching it. now imagine how much water is being wasted during the normal washing dishes duty. Imagine that half of time when water is flowing during washing dishes process you son't need to use water at all! So why not just move your hand and touch the button when water is not required? You can control the water on and off just through touching the button of the aerator. Installation is very simple and not require any special tools. There is also another extra. How many times you wanted to turn the water off but you haven't do.. read more

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Floor drain types

Floor drains, known also as drainage points or gratings, are used for drainage of industrial spaces into drains or sewage run-off. They also constitute an outflow of slots and gutter channels. What is more, the modern bathrooms have flood drains which are a part of our tasteful interior equipment that should be exposed as it shows us individual style.Below you can find a three basic types of drains used in industries such as:- PROFESSIONAL floor drains - the gratings are designed for use in areas where high throughput is required for dehydration, high class loads and the ability to capture a significant amountof production waste.- SEMI-PROF floor drains - the type is a hybrid program combining the best features of the groove and simplicity PROFESSION.. read more

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Chimney Cowl basics

Chimney cowl is a highly useful invention, especially when we want to protect our houses from entering the fumes into the chimney flues. This is connected to the fact that air circulation is regulated in the flue and it helps to keep our chimneys clean and unblocked. Thedevice effectively protects against rain or snow that could unnecessarily dampen chimney. Additionally, the chimney cowl which is placed on top of the chimney prevents birds from nesting in the chimney (chimney bird guard). Chimney cowls are mounted on the chimney directly above the outlet pipe. There are some holes located at the hub of the base and they should be highlighted during the process of  installation  (e.g. by a pencil or marker). Subsequently.. read more