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22kW Power Efficient Heating Boiler Non-Wood Pellet PerEko Argo Multi

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Wide range of power and ecology of use
AGRO Multi boiler is intended for combustion of ecological fuel in form of pellet made of non-wood biomass. Raw materials for its production are e.g.: straw, Miscanthus, reed, kernels and seeds, olive residues and nut shells. Its optimized combustion process is ensured by innovative Multi PSQ burner. Wide range or power allows limiting heat losses.

Automatic operation
AGRO Multi is equipped with a new, multifunctional and simple controller ecoMAX 910, which works with the outside sensor and room thermostat ecoSTER. The standard equipment of the controller includes 5 pumps: (central heating, domestic hot water, circulation pump, transfer pump and pump of the mixer) and two actuators of the mixing valves. Wide operation range of the controller allows setting various levels of the temperature in separate heating systems.

Full protection of combustion process
Operational safety and protection of the device itself are ensured by a series of protections. Automatic fire suppression system, the so-called fire-fighter, is a basic equipment of the boiler. The sensors permanently control the temperature of water in the boiler, temperature of screw and fuel container. If the irregularities or damage of any of the sensors in the system is detected then the system gives an alarm signal and shuts down the feeder and fan. Jamming of the screw in the feeder results in mechanical rupture of split pin what protects the motoreducer against destruction.

  •  Power: 22kW; 
  •  Automatic operation; 
  •  Full protection of combustion process; 
  •  Main fuel: non-wood pellet.

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