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3-phase 400v electric instant bathroom hot water heater 21 kw pph2 hydraulic

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  • Brand: Kospel
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Water heater heat the water needed in the passage through the radiator. The devices are turned on only during the tapping process and heat only the water needed - the energy-guzzling storage of hot water in a tank is completely eliminated. It mounts the device close to the tap with short cable paths. The warm water is available immediately without long lead times cold water available. This is comfortable, saves water and energy. Tankless water heaters are suitable for individual or group care from one or more points in the private or commercial sector. They offer a fast, efficient, ecological and economical hot water supply. The unit switches on automatically right after reaching appropriate rate of flow. When the rate of flow rises the second step switches on. A user may set the heater on work at lower temperature range by turning the knob in position I (economic mode - reduced maximum power). Turning the knob in position II sets the heater at work at higher temperature range (full power mode: maximum power = rated power).

- Nominal power: 21kW;
- Power regulation. Allows to set the heater on full power or economic mode;
- Automatically switches on 2 steps of heating. Automatic "switch on" system and power selection according to the water flow rate;
- The warm water is available immediately without long lead times cold water available.


Detailed Specification
Power 21kW
Rated Voltage 400V

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