Chimney cowl basics - plumbing4home

Chimney cowl is a highly useful invention, especially when we want to protect our houses from entering the fumes into the chimney flues. This is connected to the fact that air circulation is regulated in the flue and it helps to keep our chimneys clean and unblocked. The device effectively protects against rain or snow that could unnecessarily dampen chimney. Additionally, the chimney cowl which is placed on top of the chimney prevents birds from nesting in the chimney (chimney bird guard). Chimney cowls are mounted on the chimney directly above the outlet pipe. There are some holes located at the hub of the base and they should be highlighted during the process of installation (e.g. by a pencil or marker). Subsequently, in these noticeable places, some holes are drilled having a diameter of 8-10 mm. As a next thing, we place some plastic pins into the holes on which the hub base is mounted. In case it turns out that the chimney cap is crooked, before the assembly it must be polished up to compensate. Chimney cowl can also be mounted directly to the chimney, then the base is dispensable, and the root is applied to the conductor pipe and fixed by using hose clamps.

Very important factor during choosing correct chimney cowl is to pick correct product for the purpose it will be used for. It's not possible to use chimney cowl designed for ventilation purpose only for extracting burner/stove fumes as fumes temperature can damage the cowl bearings. Co please check all cowl descriptions to make sure you picked correct cowl.

We also sell cowls with some additional equipment like additional collars, roof plates etc. Some of them also have extra features like draught generator or additional electric motor.

Check our full range of Chimney Cowl. As most of our products are being shipped directly from the manufacturer, the approximate lead time for all cowls is 2-3 weeks.