Floor drains types - plumbing4home

Floor drains, known also as drainage points or gratings, are used for drainage of industrial spaces into drains or sewage run-off. They also constitute an outflow of slots and gutter channels. What is more, the modern bathrooms have flood drains which are a part of our tasteful interior equipment that should be exposed as it shows us individual style.

Below you can find a three basic types of drains used in industries such as:

- PROFESSIONAL floor drains - the gratings are designed for use in areas where high throughput is required for dehydration, high class loads and the ability to capture a significant amount
of production waste.
- SEMI-PROF floor drains - the type is a hybrid program combining the best features of the groove and simplicity PROFESSIONAL MINI solutions. It provides
easy and inexpensive dehydration with maximum hygiene.
- MINI floor drains - the simplest solution, used primarily in the construction industry. The ideal solution for areas of pedestrian or vehicular,and received a small amount of water which
allows connection DN50 / DN75 without reducing the capacity of the siphon.

We offer a neat and functional drainage floor that can match any bathroom and give more opportunities. You can find a modern type of dehydration, which was created to meet your high demands in terms of design, functionality and safety.