Disability Taps

Disability Taps

Disabled taps are designed for elderly and disabled people or for users with reduced mobility. Disability taps are also addressed to those who suffer from arthritis, ensuring comfort and independence while using.

Faucets for the disabled are different from those intended for standard shower cubicles. For a person with mobility limitations, the necessity to regulate the temperature properly might be a big challenge. The thermostatic shower faucet available on the market eliminates the problem. The thermostat installed in the battery ensures a constant water temperature. It will not change even when the inlet water pressure changes. This solution guarantees effective protection against accidental burns. An additional advantage is its economy. Thermostatic taps are able to reduce water consumption by up to 40%. They go well with sliding chrome showers, creating a complementary set. Elbow washbasin and shower taps with an elongated mixer lever enable easier use by people with hand dysfunctions. Valves for the disabled should also have appropriate facilities, predisposing them to easy operation.

As in the case of bathroom equipment, the sink in the kitchen should be equipped with appropriate long lever taps to facilitate the life of disabled people.

Easy turn taps you can buy on the market:
- Faucets with extended levers (minimum 6 "/ 150 mm) for easy use by hand, wrist or shoulder.
- Taps for bathroom or kitchen
- Thermostatic faucets available for additional protection against accidental burns
- All faucets can be combined with TMV thermostatic safety valves to prevent burns: Thermostatic safety valves

Tip: If you do not want to replace the tap, you can mount one of our extended levers on the faucet, which makes operation much easier.

The extended level taps are specifically designed for the medical, dental and health markets. The medical taps are differently operated taps and they are intended for doctors, dentists and healthcare washing and they are part of alternative group of taps. This style of taps is used in the medical profession. This is a more hygienic way to control the water and it can be very disability-friendly. There three kinds of alternative operated taps: elbow operated taps, knee operated taps and pedal operated taps.

A lever tap is usually easy to use and is a modern style of a faucet available on the current market. Small movements can ensure the flow of hot, cold or mixed water to the user. To assist disabled users, further elongated lever taps are also available. They are even easier to use as they require minimal force to function efficiently. It also helps users who have difficulty reaching into the pool.