Hybrid Chimney Cowls

Hybrid Chimney Cowls

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Hybrid chimney cowls consist of a base of the rotary motor which sets it in motion in the event of failure of the wind. In opposite, when wind is strong enough, base functions are taken by conventional rotary and current consumption is minimal.

The roots of the fan motor, which is located outside the flue forces air into the manifold, where it is blown through the gap between the nozzle and the construction, to the outlet of the top. The air gap is given a high velocity, so that just behind a vacuum is created which causes sucking the exhaust gas from the nozzle.

Mechanical root is used to help exhaust the natural ventilation and the operation of chimneys discharging gases from solid fuel boilers and fireplaces.

Some of our hybrid chimney cowls are also powered by solar panels so they don't have to be connected to external power source. You can find them in this section.