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: Kamil Gajewski | 1374
Pereko heating boilers

Winter is coming.... time for good heating solutio.. Read More

: Kamil Gajewski | 1197
Electric Water Boilers

No access to gas? No problem for our new range of&.. Read More

: Kamil Gajewski | 1255
Stunning radiators range

We invite you to see the range of stunning looking.. Read More

How to use BSP thread standard - Pipe thread sizes

There's a lot confusion for non-plumbers to pick c.. Read More

: Kamil Gajewski | 1497
Extractor Fans - types and models

Extractor fans are part of our house for many year.. Read More

: Kamil Gajewski | 1632
Chimney Cowl basics

Chimney cowl is a highly useful invention, es.. Read More

: Kamil Gajewski | 1514
Floor drain types

Floor drains, known also as drainage points or gra.. Read More

Kitchen tap aerator with start/stop button function - excellent, easy and cheap way to save water

This aerator is incredible, but simple in the same.. Read More

: Kamil Gajewski | 1102
How to easily save £300 / year

According to statistics, every person - on average.. Read More

: Kamil Gajewski | 1827
Soft soldering

Soft soldering is a popular way to connect co.. Read More

: Kamil Gajewski | 488
Returns extended to 30 days

Returns period extended now to 30 days, which will.. Read More

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