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Ksw alfa coal multifuel solid fuel heating boiler 9 kw stove coal burner

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For those who prefer conventional solutions
The ksw alfa boiler has been designed uses a proven design confirmed by many years of operation. The current design has been improved and attention has been paid to the smallest detail. This is the boiler with the most straightforward design in our product range, but at the same time, it is highly efficient and proven in heating small and medium-size buildings. It is designed mainly for coal firing, but it can also be successfully used to burn other types of fuel.

Operation of this kind of boiler does not require lessons
Its straightforward design translates in practice into straightforward operation. This boiler can be easily operated by anybody who has previous experience. To make fuel charging even more convenient we have widened the firing door and positioned them slightly diagonally. For ash removal from the grate we mounted a handy lever on the side of the boiler. It is enough to pull it down and consequently the all the ash will fall down into the ash pit.

Lower fuel consumption
We improved the conventional design by adding extended flue gas circulation. Thus we have succeeded in extending the working time with a single charge. Consequently this boiler with such a firing system will consume less fuel.

Long operational life of the boiler
Our boilers are made of superior quality steel. In combination with double welds it gives a long- lasting weld density and higher corrosion resistance. This model is covered by the following warranty terms: 2-year warranty for subassemblies, 6-year warranty for heat exchanger integrity and 10-warranty for weld density.

Easy upgrading
The boiler was designed to enable subsequent easy upgrading – to add a controller and a fan.

Product to be dispatched from Poland - around 4-5 weeks lead time
Power: 9kW;
Main fuel: Coal;
Alternative fuels: wood, crushed coal, coal/coke/fine mixture, pellet, briquettes, edgings, chips.


Detailed Specification
Power 9kW
Basic Fuel hard coal
Alternative Fuel seasoned wood, crushed coal, coal/coke mixture, coal/fine coal mixture, Barlinecki pellet, brown coal, hard coal briquettes, edgings, chips

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