100g Lead Free Plumbers Solder Wire Soft S-sn97cu3 2.5mm


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The 100g lead free plumbers solder wire is made specifically for copper pipes, end feeds, soldered rings, or speedfits. This solder wire is a reliable and efficient choice for any plumbing job.
The solder wire is composed of s-sn97cu3, a lead-free material that is environmentally friendly and safe to use. This composition ensures that there are no harmful toxins released during the soldering process, making it a healthier alternative for both you and the environment.
With a thickness of 2.5mm, this solder wire provides a perfect balance of stability and versatility. It allows for precise and accurate soldering, ensuring a secure and long-lasting connection for your plumbing projects.

- Weight: 100g;
- Composition: S-Sn97Cu3;
- Thickness: 2,5mm.