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Multi-stage Basic Water Filtration System Whole Filter Set Removes Impurities

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  • Brand: Aquafilter
  • Product Code: 900


EXCITO-ST is a modern, under-counter water filtration system. This Aquafilter professional water filtration system is economicaland easy to use. Perfectly cleans the water from various types of pollution. The filtration process is based on four in-line cartridges. The EXCITO-ST removes impurities such as sand, rust, suspended particles to the size of 5 microns, chlorine, organic matter, reduces the hardness of the water and improves its taste and smell. An advantage of the system EXCITO-ST is that it has a wide range of interchangeable water filter cartridges, one can freely configure the system according to your needs. EXCITO-ST has been designed in such a way that it is possible to expand the filter system with a further fifth stage filtration with a wide range of 2” or 2 1/2” in-line cartridges. It is possible to use an ultrafiltration membrane (UF) with low capacity filtration (0.02 microns), which allows for removal of mechanical impurities, and most bacteria and some viruses.


  •  High quality; 
  •  A wide range of interchangeable water filter cartridges; 
  •  Made in EU; 
  •  Compact, undercounter, and apartment size; 
  •  Ability to use ultrafiltration membrane (UF) designed to remove contaminants of size 0.02 micron; 
  •  Manufactured from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials; 
  •  Four stages of filtration; 
  •  Easy to install with system specifications; 
  •  Systems equipped with modern faucet and all installation accessories. 

Recomendations of use:
  •  Point-of-Use (POU) systems can filter out bad tastes, colors or odors, which pose no health risk but still affect the water quality; 
  •  This system will improve the flavor of water used for drinking and cooking; 
  •  Perfect for almost any household and will easily fit into any space; 
  •  Kitchen compact, undercounter, home and apartment size.


  •  Dimensions (H x W x L): 438 x 100 x 360 (mm); 
  •  Connection adapter: 1/2"; 
  •  Working Temp.: 2C - 45C (35F - 113F); 
  •  Flow rate: 2,9 l/m (0.76 gpm); 
  •  Working Pressure: 6 bar (90 PSI). 

The package contains:
  •  4 cartridge types; 
  •  Long reach chrome faucet; 
  •  Feed water connector 1/2”; 
  •  1/4” inch tubing for system connection; 
  •  Completely assembled; 
  •  Manual instructions; 
  •  Color box; 
  •  100% factory tested and sterilized ready for installation. 

Four stages of filtration:
1. Sediment (spun-bounded polypropylene) cartridge: Removes suspended impurities like particles, rust and sediment not less than 20 microns.
2. Ion exchange (high quality ion exchange resin cartridge: Water hardness reduction.
3. Carbon Cartridge & KDF (Activated carbon coconut shell with KDF):
Step 1: KDF showing bacteriostatic capacity, protects against the development of other deposits of bacteria. Reduces the levels of iron and heavy metals.
Step 2: Final reduction of chlorine, pesticides, organic substances and a final improved taste and odor of the water.
4. Sediment (spun-bounded polypropylene) cartridge: Removes suspended impurities like particles, rust and sediment not less than 1 microns.

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