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Solid Flow Multi Fuel Boiler KSW Master Hard Coal/Culm Coal 30kW

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  • Brand: Per-Eko
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Fired with fine coal and solid fuels The innovative design of the furnace of the KSW Master boiler, additionally equipped with blow-in system allows the use of most solid fuels for firing. The application of the water pocket system effectively lengthens the flue gas circulation thus enhancing boiler efficiency. This boiler stands out thanks to its effective combustion of fine coal and an the option of firing up from the top and from the bottom. High temperature without the risk of overheating Boiler operation is supported by an electronic controller. It controls the fan operation located in the upper part of the boiler, reduces fuel consumption by 10-30% and extends working time with a single charge. It maintains high temperatures in the boiler without the risk of overheating. Robust design The KSW Master boiler was designed with the aim of operating efficiently and reliably for many years. Its long operational life is guaranteed by its design – especially its solid plates combined with double welds. Easier day-to-day operations Each batch-fed boiler requires daily maintenance. Therefore we have done our best to facilitate day-to-day boiler operations to the maximum. We widened the firing door to improve the feeding of fuel and cleaning of the combustion chamber. On the side of the boiler, there is a grate lever, that allows with a single push to let the ash drop into the ash pan, from where it can be easily removed.

- Product made on order - please allow about 4-5 weeks for delivery;
- Weight: 350kg;
- Fuel: Hard Coal/Culm Coal;
- Heating power: 30kW.


Detailed Specification
Power 30kW
Basic Fuel Hard Coal/Culm Coal

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