110mm Vertically Assembled Anti Flooding Backflow Valve


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- Made of high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and chemical
damage, ensuring durability and longevity;
- Easy installation process with clear instructions provided, making it suitable
for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts;
- Compact design allows for installation in small spaces and tight areas;
- The backwater valve is maintenance-free, reducing the need for frequent
check-ups and repairs;
- The manual closure system allows for easy and convenient checking of valve
operation without the need to remove the cover;
- Designed to effectively prevent backflows of sewage, protecting buildings from
flooding and water damage;
- The valve has been rigorously tested and meets the standards set by the EN
13564 standard, ensuring its reliability and effectiveness;
- The CE mark guarantees compliance with European Union safety and quality
- Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications;
- Perfect for areas prone to frequent flooding or high water table levels;
- Can be used in combination with other drainage and plumbing systems;
- The 110mm diameter size accommodates a wide range of pipe sizes, making it
versatile and compatible with various plumbing installations;
- Affordable pricing makes it an economical choice for flood protection;
- The valve is designed and manufactured by Karmat, a trusted and reputable
brand in the industry.

Investing in the 110mm Vertically Assembled Anti Flooding Backwater Valve
Backflow Prevention is a smart choice to protect your property from potential
flooding and costly water damage. With its reliable and efficient operation, easy
installation process, and durable construction, this backwater valve offers long-
lasting performance and peace of mind. Trust in Karmat's expertise and choose
a product that combines functionality, affordability, and quality. Don't let
flooding ruin your property – equip it with the best protection available.