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Extractor fans are part of our house for many years now. But technology also hit this industry and today we have choice from range of extractor fan manufacturers, sizes, types and models.

Most popular domestic extractor fans sizes are: 100mm, 120/125mm and 150mm. These sizes are reffering to the fan blades extarnal diameter. The most common misunderstanding of fan sizes is when measurement is taken from the square fan cover which is of course not right. Extractor fans sizes are taken from the part which is going in to the wall/ceiling, so when you considering to buy the fan it will be enough to measure the wall/ceiling hole where the fan will be fitted to.

There are three main extractor fans groups in terms of the fans purpose:

Ceiling fans - designed to be mounted on ceilings, with specialized bearings to let extractor fan motor work longer in vertical position;

Wall fans - most popular domestic fans to be mounted on walls;

Duct fans - to be used in ducting systems;

Now the last but the most exciting list explaining extractor fan types in terms of their functions:

Standard fans - Not controlled by any circuit, these are just running when the mains power is switched on and there's no extras to add;

Pull cord fans - Similar to above but with pull cord which will let us switch the fan on/off;

Fans with shutters - This is a subgroup which can work together with any other group listed here, these fans are equipped with additional horizontal gravity shutters which helping to prevent back-draught, these are closing the air flow when fan is switched off;

Fans with of delay timer - fans equipped with timer feature are able to work for adjustable longer period of time after they have been switched off. For example when we connect our fan to the light socket circuit, extractor fan will work all the time when the light will be switched on but also will work for period of time after light has been switched off. All fans we have in our offer are having possibility to adjust off delay time between 2 and 23 minutes. Time can be adjusted by using small potentiometer on the control board under the front cover;

Fans with humidity sensor - This type of extractor fan has got humidity sensor as a feature. Again if we are in situation where extractor fan is in the light circuit, fan will work all the time when the light is on, but when light is off it will sense the humidity level in the air and will stay on when humidity level is higher than the level adjusted in the fan. The humidity level can be adjusted between 40 and 80%. It also can be done by using potentiometer on the fan circuit board under the front cover; All humidity sensor models in our offer have also timer feature included as a standard;

Fans with motion sensor - As above, but fan will stay on for certain period of time if motion detected in the fan area;

We hope that this short guidance will help you decide about the size and type which will suit your requirements.

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