How to save £300 - plumbing4home

According to statistics, every person - on average - consumes 125 litres of water a day. This means a yearly bill of about £600 for a family of four almost. But there is a simple way to reduce this pretty big bill. 

Tap aerator, is a small and inexpensive device mounted on the tip of the tap. It allows us to reduce water consumption from 20 to even 80 percent. Its principle of operation is quite simple. The special shape of the interior of aerator generates a vacuum which sucks the air. Then the water is mixed with air only and as such leaves the faucet spout. The effect of this action is to maintain the same strong stream of water, but at a much lower its consumption. You can buy the cheapest tap aerator for just under £4, the most expensive may cost up to £20, the average price fluctuates around £5-£7. If you like to install three devices - let's say in bath, washbasin and sink tap - you should spend no more than £20.
The average kitchen faucet consumes 10 to 15 litres per minute. When the tap aerator is in use this may reduce consumption to around 8 litres per minute (depends on aerator type). Which model to choose? To every tap in the house we have to approach differently. For example, a sink tap mounted in the bathroom we can successfully install the aerator with the lowest available flow. In the bathroom frequently we wash our hands, wash your teeth or shave. For these applications minimum amount of water is required and therefore the lowest flow rate aerator is the best choice.
Tap aerators which are only slightly restricting the water flow should be installed in the bathtub faucet. Keep in mind that too low water flow can make for a bath full of water to the bath will have to wait 20-30 minutes, and that no one wants. In addition to this water will get cold during that time.
Aerators with intermediate flow, around 5-6 litres per minute, perfectly prove themselves while in the kitchen. Thanks to them we have suitably powerful stream to remove the dirt from dishes and at the same time restrict water consumption by more than half. In addition, the aerated water is not sprayed on the sides and the stream (thanks to the adjustable heads on some models) can be directed to the desired location sink at any angle.
How does this relate in to savings?
Water consumption in the home is not just the use of taps. The water is used for flushing the toilet and here aerator will not help us. It is assumed that a family of four use an average 250 litres of water per day. Using aerators can reduce this consumption by 60 percent. With an average price of water in UK of £2 per 1000 litres (price together with discharge of wastewater), for the water consumed by taps family will pay £16.5 per month. If you use aerators you will pay only £6.6. During the year, this gives you about £120 savings, and these are only costs of cold water, without the price of its heat. 1000 litres (1m3) of hot water will cost at least £5-6. On average, 60 percent of household the consumption of cold water, and 40 per cent. hot water. Taking into account the cost of hot and cold water, annual savings could reach up to £300!!!