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Soft soldering is a popular way to connect copper pipes and its used for years, constantly developed and improved. This is a reliable way to connect pipes, if used by competent and professional installers. It consists in combining the connector and the tube by brazing at a temperature lower than the melting point of joined elements. The process used is a diffusion phenomenon (the interpenetration of the molecules joined elements and solder). The soldering surfaces should be clean and free of edges and surface of the pipe at the joint should be covered with the flux, which protects the connector and the pipe material from excessive oxidation. If the distance between the elements to be joined is less than 0.5 mm is a capillary brazing when it is greater than 0.5 mm is then soldering slot. Soldering capillary has a higher strength of the connector. Properly made connection capillary soft solder provides a cheap, fast, durable, robust and tight connection. 

We offer a wide range of soft soldering tools in our store:

  • Leadfree solder - adhesive tin with a 3% addition of copper to soft soldering copper plumbing. It does not contain lead. Melting range 230 C to 250 C.
  • Pipe cleaning brush to clean the pipes and fittings, copper and brass - very durable thanks to the use of top quality materials. Coated handle does not absorb dirt and ensures durability. Available diameter: 15 mm, 18 mm, 22 mm and 28 mm.
  • Copper cleaning cloths - vulcanised fibre non-woven for cleaning pipes and fittings, copper and brass. Available size 5cm * 15cm.
  • Flux - pickling paste without tin, used for soft soldering copper pipes and fittings for hot and cold water and central heating. Brush is included for convenient use of the product. Operating temperature of +150 C to +385 C. It contains no acids and chlorides.
  • Soldering paste- pickling paste of tin, used for soft soldering copper pipes and fittings for hot and cold water and central heating. Paste is a mixture of 60% Sn97Cu3 powder (DIN EN 29453) and 40% pickling flux (3.1.1 / DIN EN 29454-1, F-SW 21). Nut brush ensures comfortable use of the product does not contain lead. Operating temperature 240 C.
  • Wide range of copper pipes fittings and connectors.