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Tap aerator belongs to the water saving devices and it helps effectively to reduce water consumption. This is a kind of a tap nozzle which is mounted on the tip of the faucet. It allows to regulate the flow of water flowing through a bathroom tap and it works as a faucet diffuser. This device is usually shaped as a metal ring which consists of a system of sieves and chambers and it is easy to screw it to the spout of the faucet.

Everyone is able to fix it.
You can save water up to 84%. What is more, diminishing water consumption can help you to reduce your water bills from your water company. Another important thing about aerator is that the stream of water does not spray sideways when you wash your hands.
When buying an aerator you should pay your attention to its structure, because there are two kinds of threads:
- Internal thread M22x1 (screw-on faucet aerator)
- External thread M24x1 (screwed into the faucet aerator)

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