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18kW Power Efficient Heating Boiler Non-Wood Pellet PerEko Argo Line

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Synergy of correctly selected details
AGRO Line boilers can be reliably used in everyday operation. Design of body and heat exchanger ensures the most effective transfer of heat, tightness for many years of operation and high reliability. It results from use of the high-quality materials and components already proven in operation. Agripellet is a primary fuel for an AGRO Line series equipped with a retort burner PSR.

Economical operation due to advanced technology
These boilers are convenient and convenient in operation. Using the retort burner, binary controller and fan, improves the efficiency, lowers failure frequency and significantly shortens the time necessary for servicing of the equipment. Sterownik ecoMAX 910 controller continuously watches over the combustion process ensuring optimal dosing of the fuel and air inflow. It controls also the operation of four pumps: central heating, domestic hot water, circulation pump and pump of the mixer.

Safe combustion process
Several temperature sensors ensure maximally safe operation of the boiler. If the too high level of heat (85-90C) is recorded then they initiate alarm signal and shutdown of the feeder and fan. Pumps are activated in case of a sudden increase in temperature and they distribute hot water through the system. The equipment reacts also to overheating of the screw in the feeder, lack of fuel and a problem with reaching the set temperature. A split pin located in the feeder protects the motoreducer and it will be ruptured when the screw is locked protecting the boiler against destruction.

  •  Power: 18kW; 
  •  Synergy of correctly selected details; 
  •  Safe combustion process; 
  •  Main fuel: non-wood pellet.

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