Drain Non Return Valves

Drain Non Return Valves

Welcome to our Drainage Check Valves category, where we offer a wide range of anti-flood equipment that has been thoroughly tested in action. With these products, you can effectively protect any building from potential flooding, regardless of the type of installation used.

One of the highlights of this category is our 110mm Vertically Assembled Anti Flooding Backwater Valve Backflow Prevention. This valve is designed to prevent water from flowing back into your drainage system, ensuring that your property remains safe from flood damage. We also offer Version A, B, and C 50mm Anti Flood Backwater Check Valves Backflow Prevention, providing you with options to suit your specific needs.

For added protection, consider our Vertical Backwater Valve Anti Flood Backflow Protection Device with a 50mm diameter. This device is designed to automatically close when water tries to flow back into your drainage system, effectively preventing any potential floodwater from entering your property.

In addition to these check valves, we also offer a range of other essential products such as Waste Soil Pipe Check Non-Return Flap Valve Self Activating and Soil Pipe Double Check Non-Return Valve Anti-Flood Backwater. These valves provide an additional layer of protection against potential flooding, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners and property managers.

Furthermore, our category includes a unique Anti-Rat Rodent Barrier. This valve, specifically designed for 110mm toilet outlet drain waste soil sewer, prevents rats and other rodents from entering your drainage system. With this anti-rat barrier, you can ensure the hygiene and safety of your property.

We take pride in offering tested and reliable anti-flood equipment that can be trusted to protect your building from the devastating effects of flooding. Our Drainage Check Valves category provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality products that suit various installation needs. Browse through our range and choose the right equipment to safeguard your property today.