Bidet Sprayers

Bidet Sprayers

What is a bidet sprayer?
The bidet sprayer is a device which is used to wash intimate places and refresh them, right after using the toilet. Due to its functionality, the bidet is most often placed next to the toilet. A bidet sprayer is a remarkably useful device in many situations, especially when the use of toilet paper may often be insufficient. It cleans private parts by spraying smooth and gentle jets of water over these areas. This applies mainly to the elderly and pregnant women or people who very often have limited mobility. Bidets showers are very useful for people struggling with various inflammations of genitals, and have to keep maximum cleanliness of their bodies. Without having to take several baths a day they can manage to keep their private parts clean. It is a guarantee of comfort and hygiene. The douche for toilets will surely make life easier for many people on a daily basis. Additionally, bidet shower can be used for many other activities - it is easier to fill a tall vase with water, rinse muddy shoes, quickly remove stains on the floor or clean the toilet bowl.

This exceptional device is also known as Shatafa and it is very popular in many Asian and South American countiries. Biget showers are mainly used by Muslims in Muslim countries and all parts of the Arab world. They are also popular from the Middle East to the Far East, China and the Philippines. The device is used in Portugal and Brazil, too. It is becoming more and more popular in Europe. The Shattaf Bidet Spray mounted in your existing toilet, provides the same benefits as the expensive full-size bidet unit found in many large and expensive homes.

What parts do bidets consist of?
Handheld toilet bidget consists of 3 parts: the shut-off T-valve, the bidet hose, and the bidet shower head. You can find it in a holster installed on the toilet tank or on the wall next to the toilet. These non-electric devises are operated with pressurized water, so bidet sprinklers are a great solution for bathrooms without electrical outlets.

How to use hand- held bidet shower?

Step 1
Grab the bidet sprayer which is mostly located next to the toilet on the wall. Typically, the hand-held shower is placed on a hook and holder that comes with it.

Step 2
Turn on the T-valve to allow water to flow into the sprayer. There is no need to be worried that water will shoot automatically.

Step 3
Gently press the trigger to start the bidet spray. When washing, you have to be careful that the water pressure is not too high. Change hand position if it is needed. The bidet water is always clean as it comes directly from your home water tank - just like water from a wash basin or shower.
It becomes your personal choice how you want to use a handheld bidet. Depending on your flexibility and comfort, you should spray either at the back or the front the seat.

Step 4
Turn off the T-valve. This is a very simple way to guarantee a leak-proof bidet sprayer: turning off the T-valve when the sprayer is not in use. The T-valve is an integral part of the manual bidet sprayer. It allows you to completely shut off the water supply to the bidet hose when you finish to use it. It is very important to turn the - valve to the OFF position each time; otherwise, the bidet sprayer may leak or cause a flood.