Electrical Consumables

Electrical Consumables

Electrical Consumables:

The Electrical Consumables category offers a wide range of essential products for electrical projects, repairs, and installations. With a variety of items designed to provide protection, insulation, and organization, this category ensures that you have all the necessary tools to complete your electrical tasks efficiently and effectively.

One of the key products in this category is the Black Heat Shrink Tube. This cable sleeve offers wire protection and insulation, preventing any damage or short circuits. With a 1m length, it provides ample coverage for your electrical needs. Additionally, the Heat Shrinking Tube offers various colors, allowing for easy identification and organization of wires.

To secure cables and maintain a clean and organized work area, the category includes a selection of cable ties. The 100pcs White Plastic Cable Ties provide a strong hold and are available in various lengths, making them suitable for different applications. These nylon zip tie wraps ensure that cables are neatly secured, preventing them from tangling or becoming a hazard.

For electrical terminations, the category offers 100pcs Insulated Single Cord End Wire Terminal Crimp Bootlace Ferrules. These terminals provide a secure connection, ensuring that wires are properly joined together. They are insulated to prevent any short circuits and are crimped onto the ends of wires for a reliable connection.

To insulate and protect electrical connections, the category includes Electrical Waterproof Insulation Insulating Tape. With various colors available, this tape not only provides insulation but also enables easy identification of wires. Each roll measures 15mm x 10m, providing sufficient tape for multiple applications.

The category also includes a range of crimp terminals and connectors. The 100pcs Red, Blue, and Yellow Insulated Crimp Ring Terminals come in various stud sizes, ensuring compatibility with different wire gauges. These terminals provide a secure and reliable connection, making them essential for any electrical project.

To further aid in organization, the category offers various cable clips and mounts. The 100 x Nylon Self Adhesive Stick On Cable Clips and 100 x Cable Tie Saddle Mounts Holders allow for the neat routing and securing of cables. These accessories ensure that cables are easily manageable and organized, preventing any potential hazards.

Lastly, the category includes a Heatshrink Assortments Cable Sleeve Kit. With 170pcs and a 2:1 shrink ratio, this assortment provides flexibility and versatility for different wire sizes. It allows for easy installation and provides excellent insulation properties, ensuring the durability and longevity of electrical connections.

In conclusion, the Electrical Consumables category offers a comprehensive selection of products necessary for electrical projects. With items ranging from cable protection to insulation and organization solutions, this category ensures that you have all the essential tools to complete your electrical tasks efficiently and safely.