Black Rainfall Shower Set Round Rain Slider BLACK Series


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The black rainfall shower set round rain slider BLACK series is the perfect addition to any modern bathroom. With its sleek black color and innovative features, this shower bar riser rail kit is sure to impress.
One of the standout features of this shower set is the water diverter, which allows you to effortlessly switch between the ordinary showerhead and the rainfall shower. This means you can enjoy a traditional shower or indulge in the luxurious feeling of rain falling from above. The rainfall showerhead also comes equipped with an anti-calc system, ensuring that it stays clean and functioning at its best.
The overall height of the shower riser rail is 96cm, making it suitable for a variety of bathroom spaces. The movable shower rainfall measures 23cm in diameter and also features the anti-calc system, guaranteeing a steady and enjoyable flow of water.
In addition to the rainfall showerhead, this set includes a 3-function manual shower. With the option of a normal stream, mixed stream, or mist, you can easily switch between different showering experiences. The function can be changed by simply pressing a button on the head of the handset. Like the rainfall shower, the manual shower also comes with an anti-calc system for convenience and long-lasting performance.
The sliding, adjustable, and screw-on handle ensures comfort and ease of use, allowing you to adjust the shower to the perfect height for your preference. The mounting brackets are also adjustable, accommodating a range of distances from 40cm to 85cm.
To complete the set, it includes a 150cm pvc shower hose and a 60cm pvc tap hose. These durable hoses provide flexibility and ease of movement during showering.

- overall height: 96cm;
- movable shower rainfall - 23cm diameter with anti-calc system;
- 3-function manual shower: normal stream, mixed stream, mist - change of function by means of a button in the head of the handset; with an anti-calc system
- sliding, adjustable, screw-on handle - ensures comfort of use;
- adjustable mounting brackets: min. 40cm, max. 85cm;
- the source of the shower is selected by a manual shower switch.
- set includes: 150cm pvc shower hose + 60cm pvc tap hose.