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Our offer has been extended with excellent quality domestic water filtration systems made by Aquafilter company based in Poland. 90% of their production is actually based in Europe and quality of their products is just stunning. Please check the range of filtration systems in our store.

We can promise that you won't be disappointed about quality of their filters. We also offer replacement modules for their filters which you will also be able to find them in our water filters section.

Few words about the company. Aquafilter is a Polish manufacturer of water filters and components for water treatment. Aquafilter offers products for: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and RO filtration. These days the company manufactures about 90% of all of its components and finished products in Europe according to NFS, ROHS and CE standards. Aquafilter is the undisputed leader in developing new solutions related to water filtration. Long-standing presence in the market makes us a precursor of innovative solutions, with our ideas also benefit other companies. Aquafilter Europe is always a step ahead of the competition, and to maintain a leadership position, continually invests in new technologies, machines, products and training of engineering staff.