Double Dishwasher Elbow to 32/40mm Waste Trap Connector


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The Double 17-23mm Dishwasher Elbow Inlets to 32mm/40mm Drain Waste Trap Connector is designed to be the perfect solution for connecting your washing machines or dishwashers to the drain waste trap. This connector is expertly constructed with high-quality materials to ensure a secure and reliable connection for your appliances.

With its unique design, this connector allows you to connect multiple appliances to a single drain waste trap. Whether you have a single washing machine and a dishwasher or two washers, this connector has got you covered. You will no longer have to worry about installing multiple drains or dealing with complicated plumbing adjustments.

To ensure ease of use and convenience, this connector comes with two red caps. These caps can be used to securely seal the end of the elbow when it is not in use. This prevents any unwanted leaks or spills and keeps your plumbing system clean and efficient.

- Two 17-23mm connectors to washing machines or dishwashers;
- Direct 40mm or 32mm connection - no need to install an additional drain for installing another device;
- Baffle flaps are for direct water flow to the drain;
- Material: polypropylene;
- Two red caps to secure end of elbow if not in use.