Extractor Fans

Extractor Fans

Air quality at our homes has a big impact on our health. Polluted air can intensify allergic symptoms or asthma. In addition, it causes the body to regenerate more slowly and weakens our physical condition. That is why it is worth taking care of the best air quality at home.
Another problem which appear in our homes is moisture that might become a serious problem at our rooms. Dampness can cause black mould to appear, which can be especially hazardous to our health. If there is damp and mould it can be difficult to get rid of it and can also be harmful to both your home and your and your family's health. Damp can cause wooden structures to rot, plaster to crumble and the wallpaper to peel off. It can also get into curtains, furniture, clothes and other items.
It is also known that mould in the room causes various reactions of the upper respiratory system in healthy people, e.g. coughing and wheezing. In people who have asthma, the presence of mould causes coughing attacks. What is more, people with a weak immune system and hypersensitivity to external factors can even catch pneumonia.
Therefore, it is worth installing an appropriate extractor fan in the bathroom or kitchen to take care of our health.
Different types of fans for different rooms are presented below together with their functions.

On the market, you can find following types of fans:

1. AXIAL FANS - they are very simple in design, and their use is aimed at forcing low pressure air through short sections of the ventilation duct. These types of devices are usually mounted in walls or ceilings, and their most popular type are bathroom extractor fans.

a) Bathroom extractor fan
bathroom fans - their main task is to remove water vapor from the bathroom and to quickly eliminate unpleasant odours. The most popular for this type of room are silent extractor fans, which do not interfere with the daily use of the bathroom with their work. They are usually aesthetic and, depending on the equipment, may have additional functions such as: timer (time delay), hygrostat (humidity sensor) or motion sensor. In some models, thanks to the use of non-return flaps, the phenomenon of air flowing back into the room has been eliminated. Fans with a ball bearing motor can be successfully mounted on the ceiling.
On the market, you can buy suitable ceiling extractor fan for your bathroom.
Fragrances and freshness
In addition to removing moist air from bathtubs and showers, extractor fans can be useful for removing odours, especially if the toilet is in the same room. Whole-house ventilation systems better encourage a constant flow of fresh, filtered air throughout the house, but extractor fans can play a role in keeping individual rooms smelling clean and fresh.
How to choose the proper extractor fan for the bathroom?
There are several things to consider when choosing the right extractor bathroom fan.
There should be a large enough capacity for the size of the bathroom and for general use. This is measured in "litres per second" (l / s) or "cubic meters per hour" (m3 / h) and is the speed at which the fan moves air volumes over time. You may need a very quiet fan, which can be especially important if the bathroom is close to the bedroom. You can help improve energy efficiency through heat recovery by purchasing special models available on the market. It is also worth considering if you want to mount a fan that is operated manually, it is connected to a light switch, or has a humidity sensor, which causes the fan to turn on by itself when there is too much moisture in the room.

b) INDUSTRIAL AXIAL FANS - this type of device is used in warehouses or garage halls and other facilities where, due to the large volume, it is necessary to transport large amounts of air between individual halls or adjacent rooms. Low pressure air is blown through the baffle along the axis of the motor without changing its direction. These types of devices have a very wide range of diameters. The series of types starts from 150 [mm] and in most manufacturers it reaches even 630 [mm]. Thanks to this, the devices will find their application in objects such as: containers to large storage halls.

2. DUCT FANS - their unquestionable advantage is the possibility of wide application. They are most often used to ensure air exchange in offices, restaurants or apartments. They can also create air supply systems in cooperation with duct heaters or cooperate with kitchen hoods.
On the market, there are also available kitchen extractor fans.
The kitchen extractor fan is designed to work with air at increased temperature. The device is designed to remove contaminated, smoky, hot air (up to 120 ° C) and grease vapours from rooms, in conditions of high air resistance in the system. Recommended for use in ventilation systems of kitchen and bakery rooms (in professional catering) and in industrial rooms for the removal of welding gases.

3. There are also roof fans on the market which are mounted directly on the roof surface or on the roof bases as the end of the ventilation riser. Their design, depending on the model, allows for horizontal or vertical air discharge. They are widely used both in residential construction and are installed for the ventilation of commercial premises, industrial halls, garages, warehouses and public buildings. They are characterized by easy maintenance, and the external location allows you to avoid direct noise related to its operation.

4. CENTRIFUGAL FANS - a special group of wall fans for use in multi-family housing are centrifugal constant pressure fans. The devices can be mounted both on and under the plaster, already at the stage of construction works.