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Small Disposable Sealing Set Thread Paste + Linen Flax Plumbers Pipework Sealant

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Paste and towed flax set for sealing metal threaded connections in gas installations, cold and hot water, central heating or compressed air.

- 8g of linen flax and 20g of thread paste;
- Water systems: temperature resistance from -20C to 175C, pressure up to 7bar;
- Gas installations: temperature resistance from -20C to 70C, pressure up to 5bar;
- Compressed air installations: pressure resistance up to 16 bar;
- Do not use in oxygen installations;
- Does not dry out, allows for easy subsequent disassembly;
- Protects threads from corrosion;
- Does not irritate hand skin;
- Linen flax material: combed flax braid.
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