Appliances Water Feed Set RO System Filters Icemaker Fridge


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A complete and universal set for connecting water to household appliances such as refrigerators, ice makers and household filters. The set fits all equipment with a connection to the water supply.

- Water feed set for household appliances;
- Perfect for fridges, icemakers, coffe machines, water filters, RO systems and fishkeeping;
- Working temperature range: 2-45C;
- Max. working pressure: 6bar.

Set includes:
- 5m long connection hose made from polyethylene (1/4" Inch BSP);
- PTFE sealing tape;
- 3/8" Inch BSP x 3/8" Inch BSP FxM chrome plated reduction tee connector;
- 1/4" Inch BSP x 1/4" Inch BSP ball valve with hose input;
- 1/4" Inch BSP x 1/4" Inch BSP plastic connector for hose;
- 3/4" Inch BSP x 1/4" Inch BSP plastic adaptor;
- Gaskets and o-rings.